Winter Field Day 2023

winter_fdThe St Augustine Amateur Radio Society will participate in Winter Field Day 2023 with operations at Faver-Dykes State Park.

Faver-Dykes State Park. 1000 Faver Dykes Rd, St. Augustine, FL 32086. (MAP) The entrance is just north of the US1/I-95 interchange in the southern part of St Johns County.

Winter Field Day operations start at 2 pm local time Saturday. Since January 28 is the last Saturday of the month we can still meet for the monthly breakfast (although we may move the location to a restaurant to a location closer to the park).If you arrive at the park in the 10 am to 11 am timeframe you should have plenty of time to set up.
Our operation time
We expect the bulk of our operation to be on Saturday afternoon, with some members staying on through the evening. We’ll need to break down the stations and antennas when we leave for the day (unless someone intends to operate through the night).

For those who intend to operate on Sunday setup will be at the first come/first served pavilion as early as possible.

Food and drink
There are no concession stands at the park, and not much else in the general vicinity. The club will provide lunch in the 12 noon-ish to 2 pm time frame (just prior to operations). We recommend that you bring your own drinks and bring food for later in the day. There will be no meal service on Sunday, so pack food and drinks accordingly if you intend to operate from the park that day.

Fleas and ticks
The park is known for its share of insects, so we recommend you pack insect repellant.

We will also conduct a pre-event planning meeting during the evening of Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 7 pm. This will be an online meeting. A meeting announcement and link will be sent under separate cover.

We look forward to our first event of 2023 and hope to see you there. Even if you don’t intend to operate, stop by to see the setups and enjoy some lunch.

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