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Robert Arnold rarnold357@nullyahoo.com 9/28/20
Harbour Freight 45 watt Solar Panels (2 of these for 90 watts total)
Harbour Freight 400 watt Solar Controller, inputs for up to 8 panel sections
TCOZ  Solar Charge Controller.
Connecting cables for Solar Panels.
Robert Arnold rarnold357@nullyahoo.com 07/20/20
vibroplex_KeyerVibroplex Champion (1964 model) CW Keyer.
Works as it should.$85.00
Robert Sendor robertsendor@nullcomcast.net 12/2/19
Amerite 25 tower
Bought but never used.Items are:
10’ mid section
9’ top section
5’ base section
3’ base section
Rotor plate
$500 or best offer.bob06bob07bob08
Sorkin Estate – Jack K4KSW  or Frank KN4CLP via Contact form for info. 04/09/19
Pictures are on the Sorkin Estate Page.