2022 Field Day

ARRL_FD22Field Day is set for Saltwaters Shooting Range where we will operate from the old press box for the race track that was once there. The address is 900 Big Oak Rd., St Augustine, FL 32095. (MAP) It is just west of the St Augustine Airport. The range will be open (it is public) so we will hear shots but the press box is well insulated and we should not suffer from the noise. The best thing is that it is AIR CONDITIONED! We will have a cool place to operate. This is private property of course so please be respectful (as you always are) of the facility which the owner has been so gracious as to allow us to use it. Field Day operations begin at 2 pm and if there are operators available, we will operate into the night. We will tear down Sunday depending on when interest in operating wanes.

At this point, we may not have a Saturday meal or if so it will be take out from somewhere. This is due to health issues with multiple key people. We must also caution everyone that a lot of people have recently dealt with COVID. None have been critical, but all would have rather not had it and its lingering effects. Overall we have several club members either out due to the health issues or out of town with family. That said, we have a number of people who have confirmed that they will be there and be setting up to operate. We are looking forward to a great event.

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