Ron Hall, Sr. , KP2N Silent Key

RonHallKP2N, Ron Hall, Sr. is now a Silent Key. Ron was first licensed in the 50s and was a lifelong DXer. He worked in the radio broadcast industry as an engineer for many years in Puerto Rico where he had to be creative in keeping a station on the air through hurricanes and a long-distance supply chain. As a ham, Ron served as the ARRL section manager for the Virgin Islands. Recently Ron has been an active member of the St Augustine Amateur Radio Society, participating in the 2021 Field Day working over a hundred FT8 contacts during a rare 6-meter opening. Just last week he was able to attend the SAARS Christmas party along with his daughter Jina where he entertained many of us with his radio stories. He will be sorely missed by his many ham friends all over the world. Please keep Ron and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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