SAARS (N4AUG) DMR Repeater Is Operational

As a number of you are already aware, the clubs DMR repeater is now live on the air and has a great foot print.  Several members have already made DMR contacts on it using both direct to the repeater as well as hotspot modes to hit it.  We will be looking for some activities to make use of its capabilities.  Our January meeting will feature DMR as well as Winter Field Day for our program.

Repeater info is at –> Repeaters/Nets –> Repeaters, or

A big thanks  to Alan Alsobrook(KD4QOF) and Russ Langel (K4HRL) for getting this repeater on the air.  Their efforts have made this possible.  They have both spent time and money to make it a reality and expand the clubs dimensions.

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5 Responses to SAARS (N4AUG) DMR Repeater Is Operational

  1. Jerry Carver says:

    Thanks to Russ and Alan for the repeater!!!

  2. Mark Cole says:

    Enjoyed the use of your DMR repeaters. !? N5TDY Mostly 18 wheel mobile.

  3. Wayne says:

    Staying in an rv nearby, but unable to access your 442.875 dmr machine. Is it active?

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