Field Day 2020

ARRL-FD_2020_dia de campoAs of 6/22/20, SAARS official Field Day activities have been canceled due to increased concerns over COVID. Please operate and make Field Day contacts from your home QTH and submit a log to the ARRL showing your organization the be the “St Augustine Amateur Radio Society”.

The St Augustine Amateur Radio Society plans to work Field Day this year from the home QTH of N4RRR, DJ Finch. He resides at 2525 Deerwood Acres Dr., St Augustine, FL 32084. The ARRL has eased several of rules for 2020 only to allow a bit of an alternate Field Day. The map link is below. The club will provide Hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch and dinner. A number of people are planning to bring rigs and other equipment. The main thing you need to bring to participate is yourself and a willingness to participate. Though there should be plenty of equipment, if you definitely want to operate, you should bring your rig. K3GO will be the band master and NN2T along with N4RRR will be managing the antennas.


There are three main rules for SAARS this year:

1. Be respectful of others and allow them their personal space for their safety and yours.
2. It is DJ’s home and he makes the rules.
3. Have Fun!

We hope to see you there? All are welcome.

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