Winter Field Day 2015

Winter Field Day 2015 has come and gone. Winter Field Day was established by the Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio in 2007. It has become an annual event.

This year the Palatka Amateur Radio Club, with members of the St. Augustine Amateur Radio Society, participated in an event located at Triangle Park in Palatka. Antennas were raised (and lowered), lessons were learned, contacts were made and fun was had by young and (not so) old. Pictures are up.

Don’t forget, the Florida QSO Party, Field Day and the ILLW International Lighthouse Weekend are not far away.

Next up is Hamcation in Orlando. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone.


Winter Field Day 2015 — 1 Comment

  1. It was a great day and fun for all!

         Sorry, If you missed out on the Winter Field Day activities. It was a ton of fun. Putting up antennas, setting up emergency generator power, and several HF rigs to complete the package. And Joe, K1RBI set up an awesome 3 computer network to do all of the logging. Quite impressive Joe. Oh, and let's not forget the fried chicken. What a treat!

         Many thanks to Jeff, KF4SYZ, for all of his hard work to make this event happen. If you don't know Jeff, he is the President of the Palatka Amateur Radio Club. He did all of the planning and logistics work. Not to mention loading up tons of equipment and hauling it to the site.

         It is great to see several clubs and groups working together to enhance Amateur Radio in this area. We look forward to all working together on future events.

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