***Enjoy our great new website ***

     SAARS is off to a great start in 2015 with a new website. I encourage you to check our site on a regular basis. We vow to keep the site current and up to date. New content will be posted regularly.
I’d like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Rick, KK4GGL, for his many hours of hard work developing and deploying this new site. I hope you enjoy it and share the new link with all of your fellow amateurs and friends alike.
So my friends, Let’s have fun with amateur radio and SAARS!
Doug, Your humble President

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10 Responses to ***Enjoy our great new website ***

  1. Dave says:

    Lookin Good, Doug!

  2. Herman Green says:

    Good job, Doug and Rick!!!!

  3. Bob Masterson says:

    Good job. Thanks to all who did the work. Sent in my application today

  4. Len cayce says:

    Great new website. Just moved here and sent in my application this week – 73 WA4MMH

  5. Len cayce says:

    Great new website. We just moved here and I sent in my application last week. 73 WA4MMH

    • Denise says:

      There is a person selling a zippo lighter with your vanity call sign in Seymour, tn. It’s a beautiful lighter, figured I’d reach out incase you might want it. It looks older. Have a great holiday kc8tuf

  6. Doug Mann Sr says:

    Very, very good web-site. SAARS is on top of the program! AA++

  7. Bob Stephens says:

    Nice job on the new website Rick. The repeater frequency in the banner art is a nice touch!

  8. John KK4WBE says:

    Nice job on the new site. One day I might cross the River (SJ) and have breakfast.

  9. Doug WF4B says:

    Great do-over on site. Informative! See you at the February meeting.

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