Lighthouse Weekend – August 19 & 20

Come Join us at the St. Augustine Lighthouse

On August 19th and 20th the St. Augustine Amateur Radio Society will be participating in the ILLW Event. You don't need to bring any equipment. We will operate from approximately 9:00am until 11:00pm on Saturday and 9:00am until mid afternoon on Sunday. Come and enjoy amateur radio at the Lighthouse. Set up will be on Friday August 18th starting around 10:00am.


Lighthouse Weekend – August 19 & 20 — 7 Comments

  1. Doug/Rick, so, setup day is friday but are we transmitting that day or starting saturday?  Just want to know which day to bring the radio kit.  Thanks.

  2. Setup only on Friday Aug. 18th other than some testing.

    Event operation: Sat. Aug. 19th *** 8am – 10:30pm  <><>><><> Sunday Aug. 20th 8am – 3p

    • Doug, I can monitor HF 40/20m during the day on Friday if you guys want to do a propagation test to Nashville, TN.  Just let me know a time and frequency via email.  I'll try to make contact with St Augustine Saturday evening during the event.  Will SAARS be posting active frequencies for the St. Augustine Lighthouse online during the event?

  3. Doug,

    I will not be able to come by on Friday to setup as I will be working. If OK I would like to setup a Digital Station at the Lighthouse event either late Friday or early Saturday. Will I be operating in the EOC Trailer? I will need AC power for a Laptop Computer, Extra Monitor, and my Kenwood TS-590 power supply. In order to Decode the digital signals, it is very critical that my Computer be time synchronized to less than one second. If internet Wi-Fi is unavailable I will have to try an alternate method such as WWV Time Sync or GPS Time Sync. 

    • It think that we can accomadate you in the EOC trailer. We'll do our best. Not knowing what others are bringing and when it sometimes becomes a challenge but I'm sure that we can make it work.

      Doug – ki4nad

  4. I always enjoy the Lighthouse Weekend, and appreciate tyour activations.  The St. Augustine LH holds special memories for me, due to various family trips.  Last year, I logged you, yet the QSL I received was only your club card, with no mention of the Lighthouse.  Will you, perhaps, be having a QSL that pictures the LH tfor this year?  TNX 73

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