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Art Wildblood W4AA W4AA@nullarrl.net  904-501-1440

I purchased this radio new from DX Engineering in March 2018.  Its S/N is 7K910022, which indicates it was manufactured in August 2017.  Detailed specs, features, and options for this model can be found on the Yaesu website and also on all of the major ham radio stores’ websites.  

This radio was used only once, for less than 24 hours, in the recent 2018 ARRL 160M CW Contest.  The protective film is still over the meter, the main display, and two of the three sub displays.  It is being sold in its original shipping carton and with the FH-2 Remote Control Keypad and MH-31B8 Hand Mic that were included in my purchase package.  My firm price is $3,100.00 shipped via FedEx and insured or $2950 if picked up or delivered within 100 miles of St. Augustine, FL, Zip 32084.

George Kangas W1LVL  ku4vq@nullmsn.com 06/12/18

btechBTECH UV-50X3 TRI BAND MOBILE,144,222,440, included is box, book, microphone, and RT Systems programming software. works fine, removing from car because I do not drive anymore.
200.00 Shipped, PayPal preferred.

KenwoodSP23Kenwood SP-23 Speaker like new with cable 85.00 shipped. PayPal preferred,
George W1LVL

John Riley  KK4WBE  snhoj@nullyahoo.com  10/27/17

HenryGobblersHenryGobblersSell Henry 2KD4. To much amp for my licence…$1200.or trade..

KK4WBE snhoj@nullyahoo.com

 David Robbins W4IDX  478-955-5143 davidrobbins14@nullyahoo.com  09/22/17
 Kenwood TS-830S station for sale. Has been stored for the past four years but was in regular use until then.
830 is gold emblem and has both 500hz CW filters.
AT-230, SP-230, VFO-230 and MC-50 mic.
I have the original boxes for the MC-50, AT-250 and the VFO-250. Original manuals for everything.


$750 for all.

W4IDX _station  W4IDX _TS830S

John  KI4UCW  386 283 3878 ferrox4@nullyahoo.com  7/21/2017
Wanted: Aluma tower T-140 40 ft Crank-up tower. If you have one you're looking to sell, Please let me know.