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George Kangas W1LVL  ku4vq@nullmsn.com 03/31/18

Palstar AT1KPAT1KP Differential Antenna Tuner. Rated 1200W. This tuner differs from typical 3 knob tuners. Uses a single dual differential capacitor and a rotary inductor to achieve quick tuning with no ambiguity. It contains the illuminated Palstar electronic 2 needle SWR meter with "peak", "average" and "peak-hold" as well as 300/3,000 range selector. A front panel switch allows selection of two antennas plus a straight-thru (dummy load?) and balance line. There is an internal 4:1 balun. And, of course, it is Palstar "built like a tank" quality construction. Very clean. Requires 12VDC source for SWR meter.

Price is $275.00 which includes shipping to anywhere in CONUS. Verifiable UPS or FedEX address required – no post office box or APO. PayPal if shipped or cash for local buyers. Thanks and 73.

George Kangas W1LVL  ku4vq@nullmsn.com 03/31/18

Ameritron AL811H HF Amplifier:

• Output power: 800 Watts PEP, 600 Watts CW.
• All Band Operation: Covers 160-15 Meters including WARC bands.10 and 12 meter mod has been done.
• Four 811A Tubes: Uses four rugged, fully neutralized low cost 811A PA tubes.
• Vertical Tube Mounting: Prevents shorting of tube filament/grid, prolongs tube life.
• Fully Neutralized: Improves stability and performance on higher bands.
• Input Tune Circuit: Adjustable rear panel slug tuned input circuit.
• ALC Control: Built-in adjustable ALC control.
• Vernier Reduction Drives: Tuning and loading reduction drives make tuning smooth and easy.
• Dual Illuminated Meters: Monitor vital operating functions.
• Heavy Duty Power Supply: 17 pounds, high silicone steel core transformer and computer grade filter capacitor gives 1700 Volts high voltage at no load and 1500 Volts at full load. Multi-Voltage Operation: User selectable for 100/110/120/210/220/230 VAC operation. Shipped with transformer installed and wired for 120 VAC for domestic model or 240 VAC for export model.
• Air-Cooled: Quiet pressurized ventilation keeps tubes safely cooled. QSK Compatible: Optional external electronic pin diode Transmit/Receive switch. QSK-5
• Made in USA

Comes with 4 brand new 811A tubes:
Less then 2 hours on these tubes, also comes with 3 spare used 811A tubes.
815 watts output has been achieved with the new tubes.

Installed GOP (Grid Overload protection Circuit)
The GOP-100 protects your amplifier`s tube from excessive grid current. Fast acting electronic circuit rapidly disables the amp if excessive grid current conditions occur.

MFJ-214 (Amplifier Tuning Pulsar)
The GOP-100 protects your amplifier`s tube from excessive grid current. Fast acting electronic circuit rapidly disables the amp if excessive grid current conditions occur.

 ARB704 Amplifier to Transceiver Interface
 ARB-704 will work with almost any transceiver without the need for a plug-and-play pre-wired cable.
Non Smoking owner, excellent condition.

$675.00 PAYPAL or CASH, WILL NOT SHIP, Will consider meeting halfway to deliver.

Robert Arnold W4RAA   rarnold357@nullbellsouth.net   02/25/18
SignalinkSignaLink USB, configured for Icom 7800,7700,7600,9100,756 Pro III, 706MKII, comes with radio inter cable for above radios (ICOM 8 PIN DIN). Wire jumpers are installed in Signalink for Icom radios. Can be reconfigure for other radio makes/models with these jumpers.
$90.00 includes USPS Priority Shipping/Tracking.
John Riley  KK4WBE  snhoj@nullyahoo.com  10/27/17

HenryGobblersHenryGobblersSell Henry 2KD4. To much amp for my licence…$1200.or trade..

KK4WBE snhoj@nullyahoo.com

 David Robbins W4IDX  478-955-5143 davidrobbins14@nullyahoo.com  09/22/17
 Kenwood TS-830S station for sale. Has been stored for the past four years but was in regular use until then.
830 is gold emblem and has both 500hz CW filters.
AT-230, SP-230, VFO-230 and MC-50 mic.
I have the original boxes for the MC-50, AT-250 and the VFO-250. Original manuals for everything.



$750 for all.

W4IDX _station  W4IDX _TS830S

John  KI4UCW  386 283 3878 ferrox4@nullyahoo.com  7/21/2017
Wanted: Aluma tower T-140 40 ft Crank-up tower. If you have one you're looking to sell, Please let me know.
Bob Stephens  K4FA  bs.stephens@nullgmail.com    7/1/2017
817ndSale Item 1:    Yaesu FT-817ND
Description:    Selling a Yaesu FT-817ND. Always in climate controlled non-smoking environment. Never portable or mobile. Covers HF 160-6 meters, 2 meters, 70 centimeters and Alaska 5.1675 Emergency.
            Includes all of the original accessories – mic, operator manual, A/C power adapter, lighter adaptor, carry strap, etc. Great little QRP radio. Works great. I may have the original box in the attic.
Sale Price:    $525 OBO
Payment:        Cash (will consider partial trade on working or unbuilt Elecraft KX1)Sale Item 2:    LDG Z817 Autotuner.
Description:    Compatible with the FT-817 and other radios up to 25 watts. Includes FT-817 cable and documentation. Batteries included. Works great.
Sale Price:    $75
Payment:        Cash