SAARS members operate on and support several repeaters in St. Augustine. The Club Call is N4AUG and most of the activity can be found on the 146.625(no tone), 145.210 (tone 127.3) or 443.5 (no tone) repeaters.  Both of the 2 meter machines are located at 350 feet  and have an excellent footprint. These repeaters are open to all Technician class and above Amateur Radio Operators.

Espanola – 146.7450 Tone  123

Palatka Amateur Radio Club – 147.060 Tone 123

East Palatka – 147.345 Tone 127.3

SARNet St. Augustine UHF  – 442.800 MHz, Tone 127.3

SEDAN (Packet) – 145.770 MHz (Simplex), No Tone