Field Day 2019

SAARS Field Day 2019

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Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday. Field Day 2019 is June 22-23.

The physical location address is: St. Johns FOP, 5050 Inman Road, St Augustine, FL, 32084.

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On Saturday, June 22nd we plan on meeting at the F.O.P. at 9:00am to complete the antenna setup, run coax and set equipment up inside the lodge. Again, anyone willing to assist can meet us there at 9:00am, or when you can make it. All help would be appreciated.

On Sunday, June 23rd we will plan on shutting down somewhere between noon and 2:00pm depending on activity and the quality of the bands. Please be aware that we will need some assistance from members breaking down everything, putting tables and chairs away, etc.

Starting at 10:00am on Saturday Liann, KE4LF, will be providing lunch to club members complements of St. Augie’s Doggies and will continue to cook until the food runs out. We are also requesting that anyone wishing to bring water, drinks, snacks, etc, for consumption during the 24 hour event please do so. If you will be bringing anything that needs to be refrigerated please bring a cooler as well. We will have a coffee pot and coffee available for the late night operators.

TALK-IN frequencies:
146.625 No Tone

You may have to call a couple of times, but keep calling. Call out to: SAARS Field Day Operations; we will respond with a proper call sign.

Some site rules:
At no time is anyone permitted to approach the area east of the pond. (the rifle range is on the far side of the hill)
Access through the second gate to the firing range is strictly off limits.
No Alcoholic beverages will be allowed anywhere on the property, no exceptions.
There will be no private trailers or campers permitted on F.O.P. property.
There will be no access to the commercial kitchen for any reason.

There are restrooms on the site.

If you have any questions in reference to the F.O.P. facility please reach out to either Dennis N4KPI or Frank KN4CLP, one of us will be onsite at all times during the event.

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