Field Day 2017

Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday. Field Day 2017 is June 24-25.      FieldDay2017

The physical location address is: 794 CR-309 –  Welaka, FL This is known as the Welaka State Forest

However Google Maps and MapQuest requires the mailing address rather than the physical address. So when searching using a navigation device use this information instead:

For MapQuest, Google, etc.:  Welaka State Park (700-786 County Road 309, Crescent City, FL 32112) Or 29.468622, -81.659133

Talk InTALK-IN frequencies:
Welaka 444.950 (Tone 127.3) – (Monitored constantly)
St. Augustine 146.625 (No Tone) Primary TALK-IN             Crescent City 145.190 (Tone 127.3) Talk-In from                      Flagler County and southern areas

You may have to call a couple of times, but keep calling. Call out to: Welaka Field Day Operations; we will respond with a proper call sign.

80538059CHECK-IN:  Check-In arrival times begin at noon on Friday June 23rd; all set-ups and campsites must be vacated no later than noon on Monday June 26th. You may extend your stay by paying fees directly to Welaka State Forest.  Upon arrival please check-in at the Field Day Registration site with Doug Stewart. We will have your Name Tag and need you to sign the roster sheet. Large equipment (such as the ARES Trailer, County Mobile Tower, etc.) may arrive as early as 8:00 AM on Friday 6/23/2017. Call Doug Stewart (KI4NAD) for assistance on one of the Talk-In frequencies or by phone (386) 546-6172.

Those with RV's – You may want to stop as you approach the site. We will help you find a site of your choice and then escort you to make driving in a little easier. Or feel free to explore on your own.

campingCAMPING: If you are camping you DO NOT need to stop at the State Park Check-In. We will take care of that paperwork and fees down at the Field Day operations area. It is very simple. Camping is $15.00 per night.  For the most part camping is primitive. Depending on the site that you select there is some water hookups available. There is also a couple of 15 amp. electrical plugs but NO AIR CONDITIONERS on those outlets. They will not carry the load. Generators are of course permitted.

Food, Water, Restrooms:  There will be bottled water available – Ice tea and lemon aid will also be provided. Food is on your own except for Saturday night we will host a cookout. On Sunday morning there will be coffee and breakfast snacks. Any special needs foods are on your own.

There are public restrooms on the site.


COOK OUT: We will have a hot dogs and chips. We will have other suppliments based on availability; such as french fries made from new Hastings potatoes and corn on the cob. Covered dishes appreciated and encouraged.


QUESTIONS and Additional Information can be directed to either:
Rick Hatton – Just click the Contact Us button at the top of the main page.
Doug Stewart

RADIOS – ANTENNAS – Other TOYS: Bring anything you like. This is the time to experiment with your equipment. Everyone really enjoys seeing different equipment. For the kids: Brings games that they may enjoy.

TESTING: We will conduct Amateur Radio Licenses Testing on Saturday at 1:00 PM. If you plan to test for the first time or upgrade please click the Contact Us button at the top of this page and give us your name and which exam you plan on taking. This is not a requirement but it does help us to be better prepared. Click the Testing button at the top of this page for fee, identification, and other requirements.

Keep Checking the website for updates:


Don't miss out on this exciting event. We are all going to have a great time! Bring your family and Friends. And please:  Email and/or Post this information to other that might be interested


Field Day 2017 — 5 Comments

  1. Hello my name is Mac Cinelli and my fathers name is  Anthony (kg4jsk) i would like to get my technician license and was wondering if their was a class before the test?

  2. A really great field day.  The weather was superb albiet hot.  Our site was isolated, quiet from an electronic point of view, and beautiful.  It also had some great facilities as well as being situated in a fine little town with some top class resterants..  A big thanks to Doug for the three truckloads of equipment necessary to run the site and support the ARES trailer. The only thing it lacked was an abundance of AC, but we made due.  Made some good contacts from PR and Hawaii during the day and the night shift was profitable as well.  Understand there will be some improvements possible for next year's event and am looking forward to it and many more.   KM4PHI

  3. Wow! This was my first Field Day and I am so glad I was able to attend. Many thanks to all the fine people I met for answering my never ending string of questions. For a weekend that was forecasted for so much rain the weather turned out pretty nice. Much appreciation to Doug and those who assisted him in setting up this Field Day.  I didn't realize how much work went into organizing and running such an event. I don't think Doug stopped during the entire time, not sure he even slept? Again, my thanks to everyone. KN4CLP

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